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Due to the current pandemic there are no Enduro adventures? That is not quite true! How about a vacation in Germany and learning the right Enduro technique at the same time? That’s exactly what the Grenzbereich agency offers you with their Enduro training for beginners at the ADAC sports ground in Malsfeld.

Hey, hi how you doing? (Source: Agentur Grenzbereich Instagram)

The company for the Enduro training for beginners

Through Facebook I came across the offer from Grenzbereich agency. After a short research in the relevant enduro forums, it was soon obvious that it is a good team that has been in the market for over 15 years. Normally they offer Enduro vacations in Andalusia. However, they reacted quickly and flexibly to current world events and transported the motorcycles from Spain to Germany. Here they offer their new Enduro beginners training.

The bike

As rental motorcycles for the day, both KTM 350 exc and KTM 450 exc were available. These motorcycles were in good shape and had roughly 100 operating hours. Before the training started the organizer assigned a motorcycle to each of us. This was recognizable by a name plate above the front headlight. Before the start of the training, any existing damage to the motorcycle was viewed by the trainer and the driver and properly documented . Plastic scratches were excluded from the protocoll (as always). At the end of the training the motorcycle was compared with the existing protocol. In case of new damages the spare parts had to be refunded according to the KTM price list.

Clean and in good shape: The bikes of Agentur Grenzbereich

The site

The ADAC Sportgelände Malsfeld is relatively small (much smaller than the area in Langensteinbach). For the whole weekend it was rented exclusively by the Agentur Grenzbereich. Therefore the condition of the grounds, the recreation room and the sanitary facilities was excellent. Even though it was not the biggest site the terrain offered all the typical and untypical conditions you can encounter during your Enduro adventure:

  • A classic “flat” circuit
  • steep vertical ascents and descents
  • Narrow, ungrateful “natural” left and right curves
  • Obstacles in front of the ramps
  • Mud, leaves and undergrowth

By the way, the small area had one advantage: If something went wrong or someone got lost you were not alone.

The site was decorated “autumn”-style

The Agenda

Our Enduro training for beginners started 9 o’clock on saturday. All participants arrived just like the two trainers and a coordinator of the Agentur Grenzbereich. The protective clothing and motorcycles were inspected and handed out. Afterwards there was a small theory lesson on the motorcycle as well as a warm-up exercise.

Then we looked at correct posture and practiced riding standing up. We expanded our knowledge with the feedback of the trainers in the individual exercises. Topics such as slalom driving, slow driving and cornering were also discussed. There were also breaks in between where we were provided with snacks, coffee and water. For lunch we had a warm meal and we were able to start the next exercise well strengthened.

The night from Saturday to Sunday brought us a lot of rain, which softened the ground quite a bit. “starting up the hill while standing” or “down the hill with a sharp left turn” were much more challenging exercises then the day before. This led to the fact that I took alot of soil samples (usually at short notice). At the end of the two days there was a free training and a small competition (including award ceremony), where every participant was tested in 3 disciplines.

Change of perspective

All in all, the coaches brought everyone to their goal along with a lot of humor and patience. The training was suitable for beginners but also offered the opportunity for people with more experience to refresh their technique.

Final thoughts on the Enduro training for beginners

After my adventure in Romania this Enduro beginner training gave me the opportunity to recognize my (strong) weaknesses and to work on them. All this wrapped up in a nice group of people and for 419 Euro. That price included 2 trainers, single room in the hotel and catering (except for the dinner). I think thats a very good price/performance ratio. The agency Grenzbereich has won me as a new customer and I am looking forward to the next adventure in Spain.

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